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Why Are Art And Music Important?

Unfortunately, art and music are not always seen as important to study or to have as a hobby. Often, careers in art and music are also not always seen as viable careers. Though the art and music industry can be difficult to enter, with enough passion and hard work, it is possible to turn them into a career. But you can also just do them for fun if you want, as a hobby! Also, most think that to be a good artist or musician, you have to be naturally talented. This is not true, at all. While it does help to be talented, talented people still have to put in the effort to learn, and so can you. And, just because you haven’t been drawing or playing an instrument since you were two years old and are now 25, does not mean that you will not be any good at it or that you are not a real artist. It is never too late to learn. If you want to make art, then just do so without worrying what others think or thinking that you are not good enough.

Art encompasses so many different mediums between, painting, drawing, sculpting, and many more. You can make art out of almost anything. No one form of art is any better than the other, it is about what you enjoy and what makes you happy and inspires your creativity. So, what makes art so beneficial and important?

· Art can help with stress, anxiety, and depression by allowing you to mentally escape for a bit. When focused on art, you tend to shut everything else for a bit while you create. You can even start to lose sense of time. Art can help you express your feelings in ways that words are not always able too.

· Art is also good for expressing creativity and has been proven to connect more pathways in your brain which helps later in life by keeping the brain strong.

· Not only is art great to make, it can also make you feel better by just looking at it. Other pieces of art can pull forward your emotions and help you feel inspired. Have you ever looked at a piece of art and just felt a sense of awe?

· Art is a form of communication that can help with teaching, selling, and learning. Art is all around you. Video games, movies, YouTube videos, etc. Just look around you and see how many things that someone had to put time and effort into designing or creating.

· There are many different career options in the art field such as; graphic designers, animators, screenplay writers, authors, designers, illustrators, painters, etc. The world would be a much boring place without people in those careers.

The same applies to music. You can start playing an instrument whenever you want. In fact, you do not even necessarily need to learn how to read music. It is possible to learn by listening and playing what you hear or you can learn how to read sheet music and play that way. Or, a mixture of both.

· Music is a form of creativity and self-expression, just like art. In fact, music is a type of art. Music comes in many forms and many different instruments or even your voice if you enjoy singing.

· Playing an instrument can help you learn to focus on sounds better and it can help you learn how to concentrate. When playing an instrument, you have to know when to play certain notes and keep along with the tempo and the other people of the band if you are playing with people.

· Listening to music can help you when you are doing homework or while studying. Studies have shown that listening to music while studying can help you remember the material better. It is typically best to listen to music that is slow and does not have lyrics to help you focus on what you are studying better.

· Music can help you feel better. If you are sad, depressed, or anxious turning on some good upbeat music can help you feel better. Also, if you’re bored or tired and need to stay awake it is helpful. Music is great during a workout; it can hype you up and make you want to move around.

· Music brings people together. When your favorite band is playing and you go with your friends and are surrounded by others who also enjoy the same music. Love songs are played at a wedding, and a choir sings in a church.

Just get out there and be creative! You do not have to show anyone your art or music, just do it for you.

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